Joan challenges the myths surrounding work/life balance. She teaches audiences proven techniques to integrate work and life into  one entity . Joan says, “Complete separation between work and life is a myth and antithetical to the living experience. ” Joan’s mind fuel tools are  proven techniques that change mental habits, reduce stress and empower your inner warrior.

Creativity is not a talent –  it is a process of turning new ideas into reality or reinvigorating old ideas that were once staples in your business. Creative ideas and innovative marketing are the wise commodities of every business. Joan distinguishes  possibilities and opportunities that motivate new creative paradigms, thereby increasing the connectivity of ideas and established patterns.

Mindfulness is the next and most profound phenomenon to impact businesses in this decade. Because Mindfulness quiets the mind and raises the level of awareness and focus, while reducing stress in the workplace, the practice inspires stronger mental skill sets in business applications. Staying present – being in the moment – increases productivity and creativity and makes  innovation the mantra of your company.

Creative Thought Leader and motivational speaker, Joan Frances Moran, teaches management, employees and business leaders how to inspire creativity in the workplace, adapt to change and achieve balance in work and in life. By encouraging audiences to stretch the mind at any age and get rid of mental inertia, Joan’s all inclusive message challenges her audiences to become a change agent for a healthier, happier and more productive life.

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