Can we really stretch our mind so that we can achieve more out of life? The answer is Yes, absolutely Yes! Mind stretching is the next revolution in personal development. The Rubberband Revolution™ is the process of teaching the brain a new way of thinking and in doing so connecting the right/left brain more effectively.

Is your life in disarray? Are you headed for a crisis? What happened to the rock star you were striving to be? It’s time to rekindle your passions, your energy, and your life. Joan will help you analyze your present situation and offer proven techniques to change mental habits, reduce stress and empower your inner warrior.

How can you add more creativity to your life? Creativity begins with a leap of faith and the courage to risk. Joan puts it best, “Stand on your head! Be bold! Step out of your comfort zone.” From role playing, improvisational techniques, to sensory awareness practices, Joan will teach you how to take front and center stage in both your business and personal life.

Discover fundamental stepping-stones that will empower you to stay forever Sexy, Smart and Strong at any age. Joan Frances Moran offers an innovative platform to get rid of the negative mind sets about growing older and turn on to her Mind Fuel™: Essential Toolkit for Life Renewal. Joan presents awesome techniques for optimal wellness that ripples brilliantly through one’s life and empowers you to stay forever Sexy, Smart and Strong at any age.