The Art of Reframing Age:
Stay Sexy, Smart & Strong

David Bowie, the famous singing icon who graced the concert stages for over 4 decades said: Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.

What does it mean to get older? Of course, it’s about adding more years onto our life – but it’s not about only chronology. But aging means more than chronology. Aging is about giving ourselves a better understand of who you are and what we want from life.

And as Bette Davis said: Aging is not for sissies.

Reframing Age

As you age, you explore possibilities and opportunities to stay sexy, smart and strong. In order to reframe the aging process, put no limits or labels on where you are, what your aspirations might be or where your passions take you.

Every person wants to be self-sufficient, stay active, build intimacy with family and friends and follow interests and activities that will become so important to your mental, emotion, physical and spiritual health.

Are you ready to become highly productive and a successful leader?

The Myth of Aging

The myth of aging suggests that as we grow older, we have reduced potential. It’s an anachronistic mindset that you are incompetent technologically or are deteriorating physically.  As a result, you tell yourself negative stories and you belief your own party line. Your story is your story and you’re sticking with it.

But suppose you get rid of the I can’t? Suppose you change your story. Suppose you change the negatives into positives. In essence, suppose you change your reality and empower yourself every morning and be active and engaged, curious and independent.

What Would Reframing Age Look Like?

Reframing age begins with maximizing your human potential. It involves gaining intelligence, knowledge, emotional growth and life experiences.

Combine these together and you elevate your ability to respond to complex situation, define problems, project possibilities, outcomes, approach new situations with confidence, and develop coping strategies.

More importantly, you get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You will be able to take risks, grow, transform, develop new skills, take chances, and defy stereotypes and misperceptions.

This is wisdom and wisdom is born of age and experience.

Do you know what ages you? Regrets, resistance, not forgiving, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, living in the past, and not loving fully and completely.

Here Are 4 Freedoms Available To You:

  1. The freedom to choose your path.
  2. The freedom to work (or volunteer).
  3. The freedom to learn and grow.
  4. The freedom to pursue happiness.

You Will Learn

5 Ways to Reframe the Aging Process and Stay Sexy, Smart & Strong At Any Age

  • Take care of Yourself and Not Just Others
  • Set Boundaries in Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Face Life’s Challenges and Changes Joyfully
  • Learn from Your Mistakes, Forgive Yourself and Move On
  • Learn to Develop a Greater Sense of Personal Awareness

Your Legacy

Taking time to live a healthy and well-balanced life as you age is your legacy. It is an accomplishment, an acknowledgement that you are still unleashing and reframing your personal power and professional integrity as you age.

There is no doubt that you will stay sexy, smart and strong at any age.