Your Age is Showing

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Your age showing if you  are you anxious that you are acting older than you are, or feeling older than you are, or are becoming irrelevant or invisible? Please, relax. You are only showing your age if you buy into the clichés of aging. If you are, it’s time to let go of your fears […]

5 Ways to Have More Fun in your Life After 60

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“You always look like you are having so much fun,” remarked one of the young ladies in my condominium area. “You’ve got your boots on or your tango shoes in hand, and you give off the vibe that life is always full of joy.” Of course, life is fun and full of joy, but only […]

Aging With Grace in Your 60s

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The idea of aging with grace has multiple definitions. It’s different for everyone: presence, elegance, refinement, and ease are a few qualities associated with aging. To achieve a state of grace is to achieve a healthy, well-balanced life full of joy and respect. Sounds simple, yet, aging gracefully is a learning process, or a re-learning […]

5 Guideposts for Developing Patience and Reducing Stress after 60

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As published in SixtyandMe Decades ago, I decided that it would be my major intention in life to develop more patience. As a result, I am always mindful of my pre-disposition to lose patience with people, places, things, and most of all, grocery store check-out lines. But the good news is, I am making progress […]

3 Things To Remember When Traveling With Your Grandchildren

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This is the story of a 74-year-old grandmother. Of course, this is my story, a story about how I joyfully help my family when they need me in summer, fall, winter or spring. If you are a grandparent, you’ll know what my journey is about: embracing my next generation of children with a generosity of […]

5 Ways to Create Lasting Positive Change in Your Life

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If you want to create lasting positive change in your life in the healthiest and  most instructive way,  let go of the negative. What is your usual go-to attitude when something adverse happens to you? How do you respond when it’s time to make difficult changes in your life, when it’s time to forgive a […]

4 Ways To Become More Courageous and Resilient in Your 60S

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This week I was racing to finish my novel, a thriller that takes place in Cuba, and it struck me that completing this manuscript, which has held my devotion for two years, was an act of courage. I have no idea why I made that observation, but I do know it felt like climbing Kilimanjaro, […]

Add Value to Your Life in the New Year

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It is a common understanding that making important changes in your life reduces struggle and adds value to the quality of your living experience. Change can also help reduce stress and increase happiness. You can tweak your physical appearance by changing your color pallet, style of clothes, makeup or your exercise routine. But lasting change […]

Trump is The King of Queens

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I don’t think I am going out on a limb by saying Hollywood is chomping at the bit to write a biopic of President Donald Trump. And with scenes that are being played out in real time, this theater of the absurd will be a doozy. You better believe that Arron Sorkin, the master of […]