Creativity Workshop

Creativity & innovation workshops are challenging the business community.  Creativity and innovation in business begins with a leap of faith and the courage to risk. That takes practice in a workshop setting to get comfortable with suggesting new innovative ideas! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take some risks.

Be brave, take some risks and step on to the stage and experience an adrenalin pumping series of creative improvisational workshops that are destined to empower your sales force and business executives for the next generation of innovators. Discover proven methods to dramatically magnify and accelerate their ability to create, innovative and customized solutions in a competitive marketplace.

We all know that sales are driven primarily by innovation – turning new ideas into reality. Innovation accounts for more than 63% of economic growth.  Stimulating creativity for corporate longevity, personal fulfillment and market position are where companies need to invest their resources.

Explore a creative and innovative find your inner genius.

Let’s Go to the Improv

THE PROBLEM: You are all born artists. Everyone embodies a unique creative force. Unfortunately, over time, you unlearn how to execute the creative process.

THE SOLUTION: Relearn methods that consistently stimulate creativity and forward thinking. As a result, it will help you face fears, think on your feet and increase spontaneity.

Discover the Amazing Advantages of Creativity!

You Will Learn How To:

  • Improve Employee Dynamics with Effective Listening Techniques
  • Maximize Sensory Awareness & Enhance Social Intelligence
  • Increase Interpersonal Skills & Enhance Work Culture
  • Learn Creative Thinking Skills & Ignite Innovation

From role-playing, improvisational techniques, to sensory awareness practices will teach you how to be creative and innovation in both your business and personal life.

Book Joan Moran Today and Discover How Improvisation & Creativity are important for innovation!