8 Ways Toward Better Communication

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When it comes to communication, we all tend to think we’re pretty good at it. Truth is, even those of us who are good communicators aren’t nearly as good as we think we are. This overestimation of our ability to communicate is magnified when interacting with people we know well. Researchers at the University of […]


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Today is everyday. And everyday is an opportunity to learn something fabulous about who you are. Think of your life as a giant goodie basket. You can use everything in this goodie basket to your advantage, such as taking on life’s challenges head on, meeting important needs or finding personal and professional success. Life is a […]

5 Ways To Nurture Love

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5 WAYS TO NURTURE LOVE A Huffington Post Blog Reprint http://www.huffingtonpost.com/red-room/emjoan-moranem-5-ways-to_b_4516556.html I don’t really like baseball, but I love baseball analogies.  A male friend once told me that baseball was a thinking person’s game and that intrigued me. My friend said the thinking part is the relationship between the pitcher and catcher. That relationship is […]

Lessons My Mother Taught Me For Lifelong Vitality

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Texas Women In Business, a business group  in Austin, Texas, provided me the opportunity to present a program on lessons my mother taught me for lifelong vitality. I have always been truly inspired by my amazing mother, Estelle Moran. Estelle lived a fully creative and empowering life. My mother taught me many lessons throughout my […]

The Path of Truth for Boomers

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Ever stop to contemplate the path of truth for the Boomers generation?  I’m talking about the values of our generation. We all had certainly had very strong and consistent values growing up: respect your elders, revere wisdom from our grandparents, study hard at school, practice piano every day, help with brothers and sisters, memorize your […]