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Today is everyday. And everyday is an opportunity to learn something fabulous about who you are. Think of your life as a giant goodie basket. You can use everything in this goodie basket to your advantage, such as taking on life’s challenges head on, meeting important needs or finding personal and professional success. Life is a […]

Bucket Lists and Other Bliss

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Here’s a potential for my bucket list: I’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy. Hasn’t everybody? But when do you decide that you have become so fearless that you can get in front of strangers and make a fool out of yourself? Probably just thinking about it gives you the willies. Well, there is […]

Senior Love

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Hi, Boomers, I’ve been traveling and haven’t had time to write.  Living large is pretty cool these days and I’m happy as hell in my senior years. I just came back from Austin, TX, my new favorite city – to visit son #2 and 2 of my 5 grandchildren and daughter in law.   Aways […]

Happy Birthday to Me

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Hi, Boomers, I’ve been obsessing for a month about my birthday.  Sunday is my birthday. I’m leaving my 60s next year, and although I know it’s still a year away I’m in preparation.  I believe in planning ahead.  I don’t want to be trumped up by an emotional release that may turn ugly. The day […]


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Hi, Boomers, Autumn is my favorite season.  It fills me with hope and brings me joy.  And, as a yogi, it reminds of the importance of giving gratitude for the gifts in my life. The derivation of the Autumn season, also known as the September equinox comes from centuries before when the planting and harvesting […]