When Your Best Friend Is Not Your Lover

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Published in The Huffington Post: When Your Best Friend Is Not Your Lover When your best friend is not your lover, are you really in love? Of course! There are all kinds of love, but sometimes it can be stranger than fiction. Love can often be painful and stifling. When you are in sexual love, life […]

Stretch Your Mind At Any Age: 25 Tips

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You can stretch your mind at any age This is great news because your brain has plasticity. This means that the brain has a natural ability to remodel itself throughout life so that the phrase “stretch your mind at any age” resonates. The brain is always changing, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. This neuroplasticity […]

5 Ways To Nurture Love

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5 WAYS TO NURTURE LOVE A Huffington Post Blog Reprint http://www.huffingtonpost.com/red-room/emjoan-moranem-5-ways-to_b_4516556.html I don’t really like baseball, but I love baseball analogies.  A male friend once told me that baseball was a thinking person’s game and that intrigued me. My friend said the thinking part is the relationship between the pitcher and catcher. That relationship is […]

25 Ways to Wake up And Stay Positive: Little Known Facts That Can Affect Your Day

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25 WAYS TO WAKE UP AND STAY POSITIVE: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS THAT CAN AFFECT YOUR DAY As published in Finer Minds: http://www.finerminds.com/happiness/25-ways-to-wake-up-and-stay-positive/ HOW DO YOU WAKE UP AND STAY POSITIVE EVERY DAY?  Have you ever spent a night in fitful sleep, had disturbing dreams or just awakened at 3 am with a mind so active you […]

It’s Time To Forgive, Already

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FORGIVENESS IS CHALLENGING FOR SURE If we’re honest, we all have harbored resentments, collected injustices, and become angry over insults that aren’t that important. I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea. And I still want to smack someone who offends me. It is challenging and completely exasperating to forgive someone. It might even […]

I Love LA

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I love LA. I really do, but sometimes I feel like a pariah for having these feelings of love for a city everybody loves to hate. No doubt, LA is an acquired taste for those of us who dwell in this sprawling, traffic congested, massively dysfunctional, overpopulated city because between the lines of all of […]

Dreams: The Big Blue Blob

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My latest dream is about The Big Blue Blob. You, see, I’ve been having very strange dreams lately. My unconscious is trying to work stuff out – emotions, anxieties, stresses, relationships or lack thereof. The dreams are driving my conscious mind crazy. I mean every night it’s like a Fellini movie – that’s the famous […]

If Not Now, When?

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You’ve all heard the phrase so many times it has become a universal mantra:  If not now, when. I said that same mantra to myself in March, 1984. I was standing backstage at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego and waiting for my cue to go on stage. The woman in front of me […]

A Streetcar Named Desire

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I’m writing this blog in the room of my 3 1/2 grandson, Jude Love. My son’s house is full of children playing – five kids all screaming louder than the next. For some strange reason, I feel this is a good time to blog. It’s counter-intuitive, but I’m putting on my mental shield and tuning […]

Changing Mindsets

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One of my dearest friends queried me a few weeks ago in an email: “Franny,” he wrote (that’s his nickname for me), “I’ve got to take some lessons from you about changing. I can’t seem to wrap my head around changing mindsets I have to make regarding my situation.” Now the situation my friend is […]