Kick Butt Every Day

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I was talking to my bestest friend today and we both said the same thing at the same time: Kick Butt Every Day and give that day the best of who you are. We were drinking our TGIF margaritas after I gave him a tango lesson as is our usual ritual at the end of the […]

25 Ways to Wake up And Stay Positive: Little Known Facts That Can Affect Your Day

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25 WAYS TO WAKE UP AND STAY POSITIVE: LITTLE KNOWN FACTS THAT CAN AFFECT YOUR DAY As published in Finer Minds: HOW DO YOU WAKE UP AND STAY POSITIVE EVERY DAY?  Have you ever spent a night in fitful sleep, had disturbing dreams or just awakened at 3 am with a mind so active you […]

A Moment of Clarity, Finally

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I was visiting son #2 in Austin the last 6 days.  I like to visit my sons as much as possible and get the lay of the land – how they are feeling and how my grandchildren are getting along.  Since one son lives in Las Vegas and one in Austin, I have permanent travel […]

Lessons My Mother Taught Me For Lifelong Vitality

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Texas Women In Business, a business group  in Austin, Texas, provided me the opportunity to present a program on lessons my mother taught me for lifelong vitality. I have always been truly inspired by my amazing mother, Estelle Moran. Estelle lived a fully creative and empowering life. My mother taught me many lessons throughout my […]

Stretch Your Life At Any Age

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Recently I’ve met some people who are living their lives in a state of awesomeness. These are people are changing their lives in meaningful ways; they are mindful that growth and transformation are key ingredients in our journey through life. I find it curious, however, that most of these people, in fact all of the […]

Have An Attitude of Gratitude

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Today is the day to really have an attitude of gratitude.  Americans take this holiday seriously.  After all, this holiday celebrates the founding of our country.  The pilgrims arrived on Plymouth Rock and gave thanks that they landed in a country that offered them freedom from religious persecution, high taxes, and a safe […]