The Power of Intention

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Given all that I have attempted to learn in my long life, all that I have hopefully learned, all that I have applied to my life’s path to a greater or less extent, there have been two most important precepts that I keep close to me:  the first is that living in the present, in […]

Stretch Your Life At Any Age

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Recently I’ve met some people who are living their lives in a state of awesomeness. These are people are changing their lives in meaningful ways; they are mindful that growth and transformation are key ingredients in our journey through life. I find it curious, however, that most of these people, in fact all of the […]

Making Changes In Life: Just Do it!

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Here’s the new year wish for everyone: Peace, joy, prosperity and fun in the year to head. And Then There Are The Resolutions You always make new years resolutions.  And by January 15th, you have forgotten them. If you are lucky, you keep one, maybe, and then we forget that by February. Humans by and large have […]