Autumn: Practicing Balance

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As published in Sixty and Me, October, 2016 Autumn has arrived. This is my favorite season because it is about practicing balance. It’s about making an assessment about where you are on your life’s path. Autumn is about new beginnings. Autumn is a time of questioning and a time of answering the unresolved. I always […]

Hump Day: Is the Glass Half Full or Empty

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As published in the Huffington Post – July 2016 We’ve all been there, all experienced it, all had our fair share of despair and disruption during the middle of the week when we are faced with a daunting three more days of WORK! Wednesday signals the mid-point of the average workweek. Two days completed; two […]

Increase Productivity in 20 Easy Lessons

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As published in The Huffington Post I wish she/he would be more productive. I’m sure we’ve all heard this directive before. It might have come from a husband, wife, employer, manager, teacher or a mentor. Productivity is an all purpose word for getting a lot done. It can be as simple as a housewife paying the […]

Free Your Mind While Driving On The Freeway

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I live in Austin, Texas, and at once upon a time it was a city where freeways were unencumbered by long lines of traffic. According to Politifact Texas, today Austin actually ranks 4th in congested traffic in the U.S., worse than New York and even worse than Los Angeles — a city a left a year […]

Give Yourself The Gift of Time

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As published in The Huffington Post The one thing I hear daily from friends, yoga students and family is: “I wish I had more time for me.” This seems to be a ubiquitous observation that is repeated many times over on daytime talk shows, in health and wellness articles, women’s magazines and from almost everyone […]


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Today is everyday. And everyday is an opportunity to learn something fabulous about who you are. Think of your life as a giant goodie basket. You can use everything in this goodie basket to your advantage, such as taking on life’s challenges head on, meeting important needs or finding personal and professional success. Life is a […]

Kick Butt Every Day

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I was talking to my bestest friend today and we both said the same thing at the same time: Kick Butt Every Day and give that day the best of who you are. We were drinking our TGIF margaritas after I gave him a tango lesson as is our usual ritual at the end of the […]

Stretch Your Mind At Any Age: 25 Tips

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You can stretch your mind at any age This is great news because your brain has plasticity. This means that the brain has a natural ability to remodel itself throughout life so that the phrase “stretch your mind at any age” resonates. The brain is always changing, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. This neuroplasticity […]