If Not Now, When?

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You’ve all heard the phrase so many times it has become a universal mantra:  If not now, when. I said that same mantra to myself in March, 1984. I was standing backstage at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego and waiting for my cue to go on stage. The woman in front of me […]

Changing Mindsets

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One of my dearest friends queried me a few weeks ago in an email: “Franny,” he wrote (that’s his nickname for me), “I’ve got to take some lessons from you about changing. I can’t seem to wrap my head around changing mindsets I have to make regarding my situation.” Now the situation my friend is […]

The Path to Creative Living: Be Vulnerable

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I heard Dr. Brene Brown give a speech on the topic of vulnerability in a TEDTalk. She made the point that to be vulnerable is to have real strength and not just the old-fashioned muscle strength. From personal experience, Dr. Brown related that getting in touch with her extensive emotional palate allowed her to realize a […]

A Moment of Clarity, Finally

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I was visiting son #2 in Austin the last 6 days.  I like to visit my sons as much as possible and get the lay of the land – how they are feeling and how my grandchildren are getting along.  Since one son lives in Las Vegas and one in Austin, I have permanent travel […]

Cruising For A Bruising

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I had trepidations about my cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl leaving on July 7th.  A week on the water with four excursions felt redundant and claustrophobic. Something about ships and small windows. And no, I didn’t have room with a balcony. My roommate and I were on Deck 5, not the lower depths […]

The Path of Truth for Boomers

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Ever stop to contemplate the path of truth for the Boomers generation?  I’m talking about the values of our generation. We all had certainly had very strong and consistent values growing up: respect your elders, revere wisdom from our grandparents, study hard at school, practice piano every day, help with brothers and sisters, memorize your […]

The Power of Intention

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Given all that I have attempted to learn in my long life, all that I have hopefully learned, all that I have applied to my life’s path to a greater or less extent, there have been two most important precepts that I keep close to me:  the first is that living in the present, in […]

Bucket Lists and Other Bliss

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Here’s a potential for my bucket list: I’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy. Hasn’t everybody? But when do you decide that you have become so fearless that you can get in front of strangers and make a fool out of yourself? Probably just thinking about it gives you the willies. Well, there is […]