The Path to Creative Living: Be Vulnerable

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I heard Dr. Brene Brown give a speech on the topic of vulnerability in a TEDTalk. She made the point that to be vulnerable is to have real strength and not just the old-fashioned muscle strength. From personal experience, Dr. Brown related that getting in touch with her extensive emotional palate allowed her to realize a […]

A Moment of Clarity, Finally

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I was visiting son #2 in Austin the last 6 days.  I like to visit my sons as much as possible and get the lay of the land – how they are feeling and how my grandchildren are getting along.  Since one son lives in Las Vegas and one in Austin, I have permanent travel […]

Cruising For A Bruising

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I had trepidations about my cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl leaving on July 7th.  A week on the water with four excursions felt redundant and claustrophobic. Something about ships and small windows. And no, I didn’t have room with a balcony. My roommate and I were on Deck 5, not the lower depths […]

Mindfulness As A Management Skill

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Mindfulness might seem like a touchy-feely way to train future corporate executives in management skills, but research supports the idea that mindfulness – paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment – is essential to becoming an effective leader. Mindful meditation or awareness is the moment-by-moment process of actively and openly observing one’s physical […]

Mindful Meditation: Staying On The Path

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A few nights ago I went to a meditation class. There is a new yoga studio in my neighborhood and it has a peaceful vibe. I know about it because one Sunday morning I was walking through the Brentwood Farmer’s Market and a young man looked me straight in the eye as I passed him […]

The Power of Intention

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Given all that I have attempted to learn in my long life, all that I have hopefully learned, all that I have applied to my life’s path to a greater or less extent, there have been two most important precepts that I keep close to me:  the first is that living in the present, in […]

Bucket Lists and Other Bliss

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Here’s a potential for my bucket list: I’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy. Hasn’t everybody? But when do you decide that you have become so fearless that you can get in front of strangers and make a fool out of yourself? Probably just thinking about it gives you the willies. Well, there is […]

Stretch Your Life At Any Age

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Recently I’ve met some people who are living their lives in a state of awesomeness. These are people are changing their lives in meaningful ways; they are mindful that growth and transformation are key ingredients in our journey through life. I find it curious, however, that most of these people, in fact all of the […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

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Hi, Boomers, Every once in a while magic happens.  The right thing happens.  The perfect thing happens.  Well, nothing is perfect but what happened in my world was nearly perfect.  And it was thrilling. I made a match between a man and a woman over a year ago.  Both are my yoga students.  Both are […]

Downward Facing Poodle

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I guess you know by now that I am a yoga and meditation instructor at UCLA.  I’m been teaching yoga for at least eight and a half years, maybe nine.  I lose track of time.  Do you do that?  Lose track of time?  While I might remember lots of events and important moments and mind-bending […]