Inspirational Speaker Joan Frances Moran

Doris C. Fredericks, MEd, RD, RYT, Executive Director, CDI/Choices For Children

The last speaker at the end of a busy thought provoking Child Care Food Program Conference always has a difficult job of keeping participants focused and upbeat. So when Joan came up on the stage and started with her head stand, it enlivened the audience and turned the participants thoughts upside down making them ready for new ideas!  Through engaging stories, thought provoking challenges and steps to create a successful life, Joan led the group to creating a “balanced and blissful” life.  With many challenges in their personal lives, the participants left with a real sense of the options and opportunities for growth and change.

Creative Thought Leader Joan Frances Moran

Rhonda La Ronde-Hutchinson, Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference, Sept. 27, 2014

This year we were honored to have Joan Francis Moran as our distinguished 2014 Keynote Speaker. Joan delivered a phenomenal speech which empowered and inspired the hundreds of women attending to have a true work life balance. During her keynote address she connected with the audience and was able to share essential tools and perceptions necessary to living a  successful life of abundance, love and prosperity. We would definitely work with Joan again in the future.


Rhonda Couchigian, Educational Chair, WIPA USA

“You were delightful, inspirational and provided a fantastic educational and creative experience for WIPA USA (Wedding Industry Planners Association). I absolutely loved your presentation and woke up eternally grateful for everything in my life. You are truly a creative thought leader!”

Joan Frances Morans Encouraging Message

Connie Brubaker, Texas Women in Business

When Joan Moran walks into a room, you immediately feel charged by her vitality and warmth.   When Joan steps onto the stage, she is dynamic!  At the Texas Women in Business luncheon, the members were entertained and encouraged by Joan’s message.  Our members loved her!

Eric Thompson, President of Global Ascension Productions. “Joan is the quintessential example of being a pro’s pro. By adding her to the team, she elevates all of our game, just wait until audiences get a load of her…it will be a beautiful thing.”

UCLA Center for Wellness

Ishara Bailis, Director on Aging

“Thank you so much for being our keynote speaker  for the second year, presenting the closing remarks and chatting with folks at our second annual Day of Wellness conference this year at UCLA.  You are amazing! It is such a great pleasure getting to work with you and have you start the day of this event with such grace and wonderful presence. Rave reviews from people saying how much they loved what you said, your energy, presence and all the lifelong vitality you represent. I think you again and again.”

A Large Part of Our Success At Healthy Aging at Keiro

Dianne Belli, Chief Administrator Officer, The Institute for Healthy Aging At Keiro

Joan was a large part of the success of the conference.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you.  I have heard nothing but the most glowing comments about your presentation.  My daughter was at the Conference and she said that you were fantastic. You are part of the Keiro experience and history…now and forever.”

Georgiana Yoshioka, Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro

“From the moment Joan began her talk with a yoga headstand to her heartfelt closing tribute to her mother, she had the audience hanging on to her every word. One thing that especially struck me was the tremendous vitality, resilience and zest for living that she shared with us through her stories about her creative life experiences and those of her mother.  She demonstrated an attitude and the desire to live the bigger life.

Energized by Joan Frances Moran

Sheila Mulligan Koster,  VP Programs, AAUW Glendale

Joan Frances Moran, Creative Thought Leader, spoke to our AAUW-Glendale brunch, and our members were energized by her presentation advocating keeping active at any age  She’s a truly dynamic speaker, one of the best we’ve ever featured.

Joan Frances Moran Lives With Passion

Patti DeNucci, author of The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business

We felt so blessed and inspired by this serendipitous experience. Joan is passionate, spunky, wholehearted and full of great advice and stories for anyone who wants to live and age with grace, passion and joy.

Joan Frances Moran Sets The Stage

Ted Braun, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, UCLA

Joan’s speech was not only informative, but also entertaining and engaging, and really set the stage for a wonderfully successful event.  We continue to receive positive comments from people months later when we see them at our other community events, and we are considering making this program an annual event.

Amazing & Engaging

Kate Michelle Sleeth, American Women in Science

Joan was an amazingly engaging Creative Thought Leader who wasn’t afraid to share personal anecdotes to get the point across.  Her use of humor and candidness made the seminar fly by and it was a pleasant surprise to see someone speak who is a shining example of the advice they give. At the end of the hour, I felt completely uplifted and capable of achieving anything.

An Amazing Morning

Eddie Murphy, Director UCLA Emeriti – Benefits and Retirement

Your speech was so inspiring and full of wonderful, creative ideas. You are one of the most energetic and humorous speakers we have had. The testament to the success of your speech was the group of people gathered around you after the speech who wanted to continue to engage with you. It was an amazing morning.

Joan Lights Up A Room

Bonnie Sedlmayr-Emerson, Tucson Book Festival, Tucson, AZ

Your honesty and vivacious personality lit up the room! I was an honor to moderate the session you presented on “Second Chances.” You could tell the audience was interested and responsive to your speech by their great questions. Your energy and enthusiasm in both speeches brought the crowds to life and prompts people to follow their dreams.

Joan Frances Moran Adds Value To Any Group

Mete Civelek, PhD, MacDonald Research Laboratories, UCLA

Thank you for a fantastic and highly energetic talk.  It was by far the most well-attended group meeting we had in a long time.  Your candid suggestions in the Q & A were very valuable to our members. Thank you very much for making this event a big success.